Looking for office

2010. 07. 16.

Hirdetés típusa
Iroda terület
30 m²
Budaörs, Budapest
Ms. Enikö Rozman
271 81 88 - 31

Our company, Alphaset (www.alphaset.at) specializing in distributing products for the Signmaking industry is based in Austria and also present in Hungary, Budapest since 2 years.

We are looking for a new opportunity to rent an office for our headquarter in Budapest, since our current lease-contract is expiring.

The following things are important in terms of what we are looking for:

- Fully equipped Office around 30m² (2 rooms)

- Storage (warehouse) around 100 – 150m²

Please note, that both must be on the ground floor! Ideally, the storage is accessible through the office.

We are looking in districts 8, 9, 11, 12, 19,20,21,22, Budaörs (quite broad to attract more interest)

Parking possibilities should be available for 2 co-workers and enough parking possibilities for our customers.

Please forward us some offers about rental properties (including separate prices for office and storage and additional costs, like utilities and parking; length of lease agreement)

and links with pictures in case they are matching our criteria.

Please send the offer in English or German.

Iroda és irodaház ajánló

River Estates

Váci út 35.

kiadó iroda3000 m2
bérleti díj14 - 15 €/m²/hó+áfa

House of Business Roosevelt

Széchenyi István tér 7-8.

kiadó iroda600 m2
bérleti díj20 - 25 €/m²/hó+áfa

Emke Irodaház

Rákóczi út 42.

kiadó iroda2708 m2
bérleti díj13.9 - 14.5 €/m²/hó+áfa

Uniqa Plaza Irodaház

Szép utca 2.

kiadó iroda497 m2
bérleti díj12 - 19 €/m²/hó+áfa

Neuschloss Palota

Szilágyi Dezső tér 1.

kiadó iroda80 m2
bérleti díj13 - 13.5 €/m²/hó+áfa

Szent László Téri Szolgáltató Ház

Szent László tér 20.

kiadó iroda990 m2
bérleti díj5 - 6 €/m²/hó+áfa

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