Looking for an office

2010. 12. 01.

Hirdetés típusa
Iroda terület
100 - 500 m²
Salvatore Parisi
+39 334 6541553

To whom it may concern
I\'m writing on behalf of the Holding of Epta Group and I\'m looking for some offices in Budapest.
We have organized a visit during the 13th and 14th of December in order to set-up a new company in Budapest.
We are looking for an office of about 100 mq (expanding till 500 mq in 3 years).
My understanding is that districts 5,6,7,8,9 could be a good solution.
But also it could be fine the districts 18,19.
I would like to arrange some visits in order to schedule our agenda.

Salvatore Parisi
Finance Department
Epta S.p.A.
Via Mecenate, 86
20138 Milano - MI - Italy
tel. +39 02 55403248
mob. +39 334 6541553

Iroda és irodaház ajánló

BudaPart Offices A

Hengermalom út 70.

kiadó iroda15229 m2
bérleti díj13.5 - 15.5 €/m²/hó+áfa

Bécsi Corner Irodaház

Lajos utca 28-32.

kiadó iroda300 m2
bérleti díj12 - 14 €/m²/hó+áfa

Emke Irodaház

Rákóczi út 42.

kiadó iroda2661 m2
bérleti díj11.9 - 11.9 €/m²/hó+áfa

BSR Center

Váci út 135-139.

kiadó iroda1706 m2
bérleti díj11 - 13 €/m²/hó+áfa

Pannonia Center

Pannónia utca 11.

kiadó iroda1 m2
bérleti díj8 - 11 €/m²/hó+áfa

Sas Center

Sas u. 10-12.

kiadó iroda120 m2
bérleti díj12 - 15 €/m²/hó+áfa

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